General Informations

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The concentration/gathering will take place in Dom Pedro II Square and its surroundings, and the start of the will be at the intersection of Governador Vitório Street (extension of Luiz Antony Street) with 07 de Setembro avenue – City Center, and the finish line of each route will be:

  • 08k in the same place of the starting line;
  • 17k will be at the beginning of Jornalista Flaviano Limongi street (Arena da Amazônia) accessed by Loris Cordovil Street;
  • 28k and 42k in Coronel Teixeira avenue in front of the amphitheater of Ponta Negra Park.

The distances to be raced will be along the main course of the 42k and will head to the following streets:

Start at the intersection of Governador Vitório Street with 07 de Setembro avenue then towards Tamandaré street until Eduardo Ribeiro. Then go up Eduardo Ribeiro Street until 10 de Julho Street, go down to Getulio Vargas Avenue and then go to the right and access 07 de Setembro avenue in the right hand and go around the Polícia Square accessing José Paranaguá Street and then Leovegildo Coelho Street until Barés street turning right and continue until the Adolfho Lisboa Market, going around to access Manaus Moderna avenue and follow it until Lourenço da Silva Braga Avenue to Jefferson Peres Square and go up Jonathas Pedrosa street, turn left on 07 de Setembro avenue until Joaquim Nabuco street, going up on the right hand to Ramos Ferreira and continue to Saudade Square.

In this place, 8k course athletes follow to Luiz Antony street accessing on the right hand and continue until reaching the starting/finish line. The other athletes should turn right in Epaminondas avenue and then turn right accessing Leonardo Malcher avenue and continue until Emílio Moreira Street and then access on the left hand along the road until they are able to cross Alvaro Mayan avenue (Boulevard), go up on the left hand to access Maceió Street on the right and continue until you reach Terezina street on the right and then continue to Umberto Calderaro avenue (Paraiba) on the left and go down along the road until access to the Mindu Walk via Prof. Samuel Benchimol street and then access to Darcy Vargas avenue on the right, go up until it’s possible to access to Djalma Batista avenue and then access on the left hand to Pedro Teixeira avenue until Constantino Nery avenue. Then, turn right until the access to go around and head to Loris Cordovil Street.

For the 17k course, the athletes should go up Loris Cordovil Street then turn left in the Jornalista Flaviano Limongi street in front of the Arena da Amazônia until the finish/arrival area. The other athletes follow Loris Cordovil street until they reach Samba avenue on the left and continue until Pedro Teixeira Avenue. Turn right and follow along the road until Coronal Teixeira avenue, turn right and follow along the road to the roundabout with Turismo avenue.

At this point, the 28k course athletes will continue straight ahead to the next roundabout, go around and access the finish line in front of the Ponta Negra Amphitheater.

The 42k course athletes will turn right into the Turismo avenue and follow along the road until the intersection with Santos Dumont avenue where they will have to make a Uturn and continue to Coronel Teixeira avenue and turn right and follow to the roundabout, access the right hand to the return station and continue to the roundabout again and access the finishing/arrival line in front of the Ponta Negra Amphitheater:

Obs: The digital format of the courses can be accessed via the Relieve app on social networks @togoalsports or and keep up with Strava at the link:

There will be identification throughout the course with supplies stations, cones, gates, trestles and members of the organising team guiding. There will also be signs informing the milage and direction, as well as control points of passage and electronic check with mats.