Training is fundamental

Professor Deise Leão

Marathon is a test of extreme resistance.

“Deciding to be a marathon runner is just the first step. As matter of fact, being a runner is a daily commitment.” (John Bingham – Author of the book Running For Mortals)

When the human being finds the magic world of racing he wants to somehow find ways to overcome his own challenges. This is thrilling and gratifying, but caution is needed.

Preparing for a marathon is something that is done in the long-term. It is important not to skip any steps.

When someone who is already active decides to run a marathon, they must have completed at least half of it before. The process is gradual and it’s fundamental investing in professionals because they will adjust everything the runners need and assist them to achieve the desired result without risking any injuries.

It is of extreme importance to maintain body and mind balance and to remain confident in the outcome that comes from a proper nutrition, strengthening, maintenance and, of course, your discipline.

Another important factor is the respect with your body and how you prioritize rest.

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